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This year was definitely unlike any other, in many ways! This Bootcamp was all about "Perseverance" and we wanted to make it the most fun yet! We achieved many 'firsts' in this round including kayaking over to the Peninsula and running up to the most amazing lookout, thanks to our friends at SurfSup New Zealand for supporting 25 to Life Fitness! We literally could not have done it without these guys backing us, if you haven't hired kayaks from them yet it's a MUST, Kat and Mauro are the salt of the earth. We ran the Wentworth Valley track to the waterfall, for most it was their first time doing these activities! We went biking all over our amazing town and included my favorite fitness hot spots - Tukere Drive stairs, Manuka Drive and The Drive! We also released a new spin on our logo, a beach background was added by our beauty and absolute champion in the gym, Tanja. Covid.. what covid? Happy days team, together everyone achieves more #TEAM #BOOTCAMP #25toLifeFitness #BodyWorkGymWhangamata #YourGymByTheBeach


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