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To our valued members, friends, casuals and holiday visitors.

We have updated some of our policies here at Body Work Gym, and we'd like to reinforce current ones. We have tried our very best to accommodate everybody, however in today's climate some of the old policies no longer align with our values and standards, so we have created one blanket policy, effective immediately.

Our policies are as follows, and supersede any information you're aware of otherwise and/or policy you are currently aware of.

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1. All members - you MUST use your blue tag and swipe in. No exceptions. Do not sign in on the Casuals and Concession Card holders sign in sheet. Members who do this will have a fee added to their membership at time of renewal. If you have lost your tag you need to purchase a new one. Please update your contact details as they change.

2. All casual gym users - you MUST pay. There are payment options on the sign at reception. You must sign in on the sign in sheet at reception and tick the "casual paid" column of the sign in sheet. If paying online, use the word "casual" as a reference.

3. Concession Card holders - please keep track of your visits and renew your card upon your 10th visit if you wish to continue using the gym. You will still receive a text however it's too common for card holders to go well over their 10 visits before renewing. Please update your contact details as they change.

4. No one walks into this gym to train without swiping or signing in, or holding a current gym membership, a concession card or paying for a casual visit. Gym members are responsible for making sure anyone they bring into the gym who is not a member has paid and signed in.

5. When paying for a membership or concession card online you must email to notify us of your payment and provide your full name and mobile number (or the full name and mobile number of the person you have paid for).

6. Membership holds are for a maximum of 6 weeks in duration, either consecutively or in part. To arrange a membership hold contact us via email BEFORE the hold is to commence Verbal requests will not be accepted.

7. Memberships must be renewed on or before the expiry date. From day of expiry your membership will automatically cancel and access to the gym will be denied until payment is received.

8. Those who pay weekly (Automatic Payment) please refresh yourself with the Flexi Pay Contract Terms and Conditions.

9. Only current members and paying casual and concession card visitors can access the gym to train.

10. All membership queries and cancellations should be communicated via email to or our social media Business Pages (Body Work Gym on Facebook or Instagram). Messages via our personal social media pages will not be accepted.

11. As a gym member and a concession card holder you are responsible for anyone you bring in with you and it is your responsibility to make sure they pay and sign in at reception. Failure to do so will result in a 2 week ban in the first instance, and membership cancellation in the second.

12. Our gym is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. This is made possible because of the trust we have in our community to respect our business. Any disrespect will result in a 2 week ban in the first instance and membership cancellation in the second. Disrespect is classed as, but not limited to:
- Using the gym stereo or your own personal speaker after the music is shut off at night.
- Bringing people into the gym who are not members and have not signed in and paid.
- Treating the equipment poorly by playing on it, not putting it away, purposely using it in a way that is not intended, not wiping down benches and machines after use, or using the equipment in a way that could cause harm to yourself or those around you.
- Using chalk that is banned.
- Any offending, insulting, aggressive or unfair behaviour towards our instructors and other gym users.
- Not cleaning up your own mess, such as food wrappers, food, sanitary items or mess left in the bathroom made by you. Rubbish bins are provided in each bathroom and the main gym.

13. Dirty and sandy footwear is not permitted in the gym. 

14. You MUST put your weights and equipment away in their proper place or safe place after use. Bands, boxes, bars etc are hazardous if left lying on the floor in pathways or between machines.

15. You MUST take your plates off the machines when you've finished using it. Just because you can put the plates on doesn't mean the person after you can take them off. Heavy plates are a hazard and need to be removed off machines by the person who put them on. We have a wide range of ages here in the gym and it's unfair to expect our elderly members or injured members to put your plates away. We take this matter very seriously and will issue a 2 week ban in the first instance if you are caught leaving plates on machines, and membership cancellation in the second. This is basic consideration for your fellow gym users.

These are ordinary gym etiquette expectations and apply to everyone.


We love feedback! Please contact us or feel free to take us out for coffee anytime!

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