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25 to Life Fitness Boot Camp 2018 & Beach Boxing Saturday's!

We've had such successful rounds so far, we're super excited to see what 2018 brings! Boot Camp runs in 6 week blocks - Tuesday's and Thursday's 6am - 7am and Saturday's Beach Boxing 6.30am - 7.30am. 2018 dates are as follows: Round 5 - 23.01.18 - 03.03.18

Round 6 - 13.03.18 - 21.04.18

Round 7 - 01.05.18 - 09.06.18

MID-YEAR 4 WEEK BODY BLITZ! - 19.06.18 - 14.07.18 Round 8 - 24.07.18 01.09.18

Round 9 - 11.09.18 - 20.10.18

Round 10 - 30.10.18 - 08.12.18

Our Boot Camp classes are based outside when weather allows - leading up to Summer this makes for some EPIC #sunrisesessions!. We don't take a Winter break! We bring it indoors here at Body Work Gym! ~ Summer bodies are made in Winter!

Boot Camp offers a team environment and a different style of training to what you would normally do in the gym, we have equipment to keep things interesting, outdoor classes are based at the Tukere Drive stairs, Island View Road playground, on the beach and at reserves. Like 25 to Life Fitness' facebook page and check out our photos!

This year I'm excited to announce that all Boot Camps will end on a "Mystery Workout" - this could be anything from a paddle over to Donut Island, to a hike up to the Pinnacles Summit. We live in such a beautiful place - be a shame not to make the most of it! Where ever we go, expect to do burpees... Cost: $99 for Body Work Gym members

$159 for non Body Work Gym members (includes a 6 week gym membership for the duration of Boot Camp)

Everyone who joins up for a 6 week block receives a FREE training top! (Under Armour / adidas) Casuals welcome! $10 / session - must book! Flick us an email or call in to find out more or to book! Registrations for each 6 week block close on the Sunday before the due start date. Casuals must book a day in advance for one off sessions and provide a mobile number. ~Nothing changes if nothing changes!~ Happy Training Team!

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